Jeremy Riley


Despite 20 years in the Information Technology field, Jeremy would tell you that technology is usually the furthest thing from his mind. Rather, he believes the job of a technologist is customer service – empowering the success of others by providing usable solutions that enable them to excel. His contrarian instincts inspire him to reject the rigidness typically associated with the technology industry and replace it with creative solutions that serve the user.

Of course, today’s technology still has to be managed, so it’s a good thing that problem-solving is among Jeremy’s most developed skills. Like ingenuIT as a whole, Jeremy has a fierce tenacity to overcome challenges so that no solution is out of reach.

Jeremy grew up in northeast Ohio where he learned a curiosity for technology from his father at a young age. After high school he joined the United States Air Force where he served for nearly a dozen years. His service took him to Montana, South Korea, and ultimately to Wichita, where he chose to stay and put down roots.

Following his military service, Jeremy spent the next decade as a technology consultant to SMB in the Wichita area. During this time he worked with a multitude of businesses in a variety of different industries, expanding both his technical and project management skills. This experience reinforced in him that the solution, not the technology, is the only thing that matters.

Jeremy and his wife Meghan reside in Derby and are the proud parents of six children. In his spare time Jeremy enjoys playing guitar, video games, Coen movies, reading, and WWII history.